National History Day Guest Post

Learn about NEH’s Chronicling America Prize and EDSITEment

Today’s post is a guest post on National History Day’s blog: The Voice of NHD. National History Day is a competition for students engaged in history education. This post will also appear on EDSITEment’s blog for educators, Closer Readings. NEH and EDSITEment partnered with NHD on last month’s Google Hangouts.   

Chronicling America Prize for National History Day

NHD contest season is in full swing! Do you know that the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) sponsors a special prize for NHD students who make the best use of NEH’s Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers website at the Library of Congress? A $1,000 prize will be offered in both junior and senior divisions of the competition to entries that make the best use of newspaper resources available on Chronicling America. To be eligible, projects must properly cite content from Chronicling America and note it in the primary sources section of their annotated bibliographies.

What’s in Chronicling America?

Students finishing up projects for upcoming regional contests, revising their work in preparation for the next contest, and even those already preparing to head to the national contest in College Park should consider identifying and filling in the gaps in their research. They all might find some great primary sources in Chronicling America. Chronicling America, created through a partnership of the NEH and the Library of Congress, is a free database that enables users to read historic local and regional American newspapers from the 1830s to 1922. NHD students will find a variety of exciting primary source materials in Chronicling America. For example, a student researching the onset of World War I could select the appropriate dates in a search and find an article like this one: reporting on the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand;

or this one to support their paper on Gavrilo Princip’s motives for the assassination:

EDSITEment’s Chronicling America portal, especially created for teachers and students, contains helpful how-to video tutorials and other guides to using Chronicling America and other NEH resources that will help you create exciting noteworthy National History Day projects. Check it out today!

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