Black History Month and State Humanities Councils

Throughout February, state humanities councils will host events across the country to commemorate Black History Month. These events are made possible by federal funding through the National Endowment for the Humanities’ Federal/State Partnership. State councils also receive funding from private donations, foundations, corporations, and, in some cases, state governments. Here are a few upcoming events:

  • The Colorado Humanities Council will host Black History Live from February 3rd to 8th at locations throughout the state. They will feature Chautauqua scholar Charles Everett Pace’s portrayal of Malcolm X, which explains how a “marginalized outsider became an influential insider.”
  • On February 15th and 26th the Pennsylvania Humanities Council will host an event called The Underground Railroad in Quilts. The event will highlight the debate between historians as to whether or not slaves used quilts to pass along information that would help guide escaping slaves on their way to freedom. Authentic 19th century quilts as well as reproductions will be displayed, to help the general public explore the messages that the quilts may have conveyed.
  • Humanities Tennessee will open an exhibit at the Tennessee State Museum titled Slaves and Slaveholders of Wessyngton Plantation. The exhibit, which opens February 11th, will examine one of the largest tobacco plantations in the country and highlight the varying experiences of its slaves.
  • From February 1st-March 31st, the Avon Historical Society in conjunction with the Connecticut Humanities Council will launch an exhibit, Pioneers of the Liberty Race-The CT 29th Colored Infantry, which will focus on the role African-American men and women played in the Civil War. The exhibit will spotlight the role of the Connecticut 29th Colored Regiment and Private Leverett Holden (who served in it).