In Case You Missed It and NEH In the News


4th Google+ Hangout

This past Wednesday, the National Endowment for the Humanities was proud to host its fourth Google + Hangout featuring Ira Flatow, host of NPR’s Science Friday, interviewing National Humanities Medal recipient Dr. Edward L. Ayers and his colleagues Dr. Robert K. Nelson and Dr. Scott Nesbit from the University of Richmond’s Digital Scholarship Lab. Deeming the Humanities as the “exploration of the human record,” Dr. Ayers and his fellow scholars explore the importance of digital humanities by discussing such projects as the “Visualizing Emancipation” project: a tool that shows the story of the process of the Emancipation Proclamation and end of slavery utilizing more than “analogous words,” but interactive timelines, maps, images, and patterns.

We invite you to watch this Google+ Hangout here along with our three others. Connect with us on Twitter by following @NEH_Congress to learn about upcoming Hangouts as well as other events.

 NEH In the News

The National Endowment for the Humanities has awarded $14.6 million in grants to 202 humanities projects across the nation.

“The National Endowment for the Humanities is proud to fund the nation’s finest humanities projects,” said NEH Deputy Chairman Carole Watson.

A complete, state-by-state  listing of grants can be found here.

Below is a compilation of only a handful of projects and states highlighted in the press this past week:

Colorado Arts Groups Receive $291,000 In National Funding by the Denver Post
Staten Island Museum To Get $400,000 Federal Grant — But Has to Raise $1.2 Million First by the Staten Island Advancer
UM Museum of Art Receives Challenge Grant by The Detroit News
City Gets Grant For Records Preservation by the Fairbanks Daily News

Also mentioned in the press was the “Created Equal: America’s Civil Rights Struggle” as well as “Muslim Journeys” series proudly funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities:
Civil Rights Series Set For Winter by the Litchfield County Times
Smithsonian Celebrates 50 Years of Civil Rights History by the PR Newswire
Waunakee: Coming Events featuring Let’s Talk About It: Muslim Journeys by The Waunakee Tribune

The La Crosse Tribute featured an NEH’s Summer Institutes for Teachers program that will allow 25 K-12 teachers from across the nation to learn how Native American and Euro-American peoples have adapted to the terrain of the Upper Mississippi River Valley over the past 13,000 years. Read more here.