Poets House: Expanding Knowledge of Poetry

The Poets House in New York City has one of the most comprehensive poetry collections in the country. It holds 50,000 volumes of poetry, and is open to the public for workshops and readings throughout the year.

The NEH awarded a Challenge Grant to the Poets House in 2007, which allowed for the hiring of a full-time librarian. These (Challenge Grants offer institutions funding that they match with private dollars to endow a long-term program.) Last year, the House celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Poets House, NYC.

Poets House, NYC.

Purpose of Poets House

The Poets House hopes to expand the audience for poetry by offering resources and holding events that spark conversations about poetry in modern society.

Twice-appointed U.S. Poet Laureate Stanley Kunitz founded the Poets House in 1985, and since then it has been a space for new audiences to hear well-known poets and enjoy the multitude of poetry published in the U.S. Kunitz also developed Poetry in the Branches, which spreads poetry programming in local communities.

For more information on the Poets House, please visit its website.